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9 April 2010

If you dream of fabulous fashion then Jane Aldridge is your new best friend. I got lost in A Sea of Shoes. It’s Jane’s online journal where she shares her amazing wardrobe with the world. Some of my personal favorites are when she got wild with some animal print and casual with an oversized men’s vintage shirt.

Along with sharing her marvelously eclectic wardrobe Jane also shares her adventures around the world. From Japan to Paris and even within her home state of Texas. One adventure that I could not resist sharing was Jane’s stay at Hotel San José in Austin, Texas.

The San José’s urban bungalow feel is great! Look at all that beautiful greenery growing on this hotel’s exterior. Normally I would have to say “en-oh” to the chintzy sign that glows “hotel” in red letters but there is something fun and sweet about this small sign hanging off to the side of the hotel. I’m loving the typography and all those succulents planted along the front entrance.

Everything from the simple outdoor light fixture to the green door with off centered numbers works for this setting. That chair is just waiting for me to come along and sit in it to enjoy all of Texas’ sunshine.

Even though this hotel is located in downtown Austin there is still plenty of green to take in. I love the idea of walking into an open garden area instead of an enclosed hallway when leaving your room.

Normally I don’t think I would be too excited about this pool but it fits the setting. It’s even nice to see all that overgrown greenery around the pool. It’s sort of the whole “I’m in the middle of the forest” feel. I like it!

Even more fantastic than the hotel itself are all the unique features that it has to offer. There is a Polaroid camera that is available to take some snap shots here-and-there and some old-school type writers just in case you’re feeling like expressing some words on a page.

What are ya’ll { I had to thrown in the ya’ll- common’ we’re talking about Texas} thinking about this hotel? Do you love it or is it not really your idea of a place to lay your sleepy head?

via photography andrew collins + seaofshoes

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  1. 13 April 2010 3:04 pm

    I like your new home! Great post 🙂

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