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today marks…

16 June 2010

…one year of hubby and wifey for mr. mac and i. we couldn’t be happier. he makes me laugh, smile, and oh-so happy. my heart goes pitter-patty over him every single day {whether we are apart or together}. love him so very much.

here we are out in the country at a friends house {that’s the barn behind us… not the house}. tommy kept on making faces at the camera {like usual}. he really likes silly pictures over “nice” ones. i was a little bummed because two horses that had been on the property eating away at the grass were moved just the day before we went out there. i would have loved some pictures with them but as long as we have some photos to mark year one of happily ever after i am happy… i love you tommy mac

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  1. Didi permalink
    16 June 2010 9:26 am

    Hi Claudia, I absolutly love that picture of you and Tommy! It brings tears to my eyes ( in a good way ) You both look so happy and that makes this mom very happy! Love you both so much and hope you get to celebrate your 1 year anniversary in a very special way. Love you sweetie! Your mom in Love!!! XOXO

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