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tokyo jewel box…

22 June 2010

…by architect tadao ando. lovin’ the bling bling in this guesthouse & gallery combination. i like the idea of being able to dedicate an entire area to art.

this courtyard is so sparkly and glamours that i had to share. “ando’s courtyards are often purposely placed in a way that requires inhabitants to walk through them between the main arteries of the house.” the idea of stepping out of the indoors sounds nice. our days are spent indoors much too often.

over 6,800 platinum-glazed ceramic tiles are attached to the concrete walls of the courtyard. danish-born light artist olafur eliasson is the artist behind this unique courtyard. eliasson explains, “small changes in light make the tiles appear different, and it changes the light in the interior as well,”

i especially love the way ando explains his architecture, “if the experience of being in my architecture enables one to grow within oneself, then i am happy.”

photos: architectural digest


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