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oh baby oh baby…

28 July 2010

Baby Sleeping

…fever. round two. hello again girls! so, i have tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible lately since i started spending my entire day at school in front of one. my classmates and i are learning auto CAD right now and i’ve been computer overload. it has been super fun learning the program though!

enough about school though. lets talk babies. earlier this month i confessed my mini baby fever and these two photos made me oh-so-very-happy that i had to share them with you. i literally let out a big “awwwwww” when i came across both of these little ones. mr. mac and i have been married for just a bit over and year now so the whole bun in the oven thing is some time away but until then i dream of my future little ones through wonderful images like this.

i am especially in love with photo number two. it’s from a series of photos that a mommy takes of her baby girl while she is sleeping. adele tells us on her blog, “this is my maternity leave hobby. while my baby is taking her nap, i try to imagine her dream and capture it.” you have to visit mila’s daydreams to let out some “awww’s” and “oh my gosh, this is so cute’s” just like i did.

photos: via design mom by blue lily photo and black eiffel by adele enersen of mila’s daydreams

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