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fall. fall. fall.

31 October 2010

hi lovelies. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of sweet treats and halloween fun. katherine and i sat on the porch & passed out candy {at a home up for sale around the corner from us. our street faces the woods & we hardly get any little ones knocking on our door. so since they didn’t come to us we came to them! someone asked us if we were relaters. it made us laugh} needless to say that my halloweens have been a lot more chilly since our move from california to washington {i cannot believe it’s already been over a year!} but it makes it feel so much more fall like. i love our sunny southern california but i also love washington’s distinct seasons. the pictures above are an example of all the pretty colors i see on my daily runs {& sometimes walks. i’m really trying to stay fit during the lovebird bump time}. have a wonderful monday! {i plan on taking my weekly bump picture today & hope to be sharing soon!}

things that are making me happy today: this love print. this cherry themed wedding {yes. that’s right. cherries. it inspires me to have a neutral themed baby shower} and this oh-so-sweet engagement cake!

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  1. Didi permalink
    1 November 2010 9:32 am

    Beautiful picture Claudia!

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