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bake a sweet treat

5 November 2010

i cannot believe it’s time for the weekend already. this week may have gone fast but the time he’s been gone has not flown by as quickly. i have to admit i’ve had a few teardrop moments from missing my lovebird but they pass & then i remember that he’ll be back before i know it. although it’s harder at times i’m thankful that our time apart reminds me even more of how lucky i am to have him.

{on a sweeter note} this print is making me want to bake a sweet treat this rainy weekend. i have a feeling this weekend will be fully of yummy warm comfort food + school work + and some nesting {me organizing our home-sweet-home {little-by-little} before babybird comes this spring}. another {non-edible} weekend treat: this online magazine {so many creative ways to wrap up a gift! just in time for the holidays!}

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  1. 5 November 2010 6:33 pm

    hang in there — thinking of you! (& a cake sounds like a great idea this weekend!)

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