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the perfect gift

13 November 2010

it’s official. i am ready to wrap up a very special gift and i cannot think of a better way to do this than this beautiful diy wrapping found on style me pretty. this christmas eve all my lovely family & i will be unwrapping a pink or blue outfit. at the end of november i will have an ultra sound showing {hopefully!} if our love.bump is a sweet baby boy or girl. i was so lucky to get my appointment before i leave for california at the beginning of december {so excited!} since they’re having really busy months right now. what’s even more special about this appointment is that i’ll be sharing it with my two little sisters {mayra: 20 & emily: 11}. they’re coming into town for thanksgiving & i cannot wait to spend time with them. the day of the ultra sound i’ll have the technician put a pink or blue card in an envelope. when i get to california there’ll be a shopping trip where i’ll ask a store employee to open the envelope & then box up {& purchase} one of the two outfits i’ve picked out {with the help of my mom & sisters- i’m sure}. christmas eve i’ll open our special gift with family & friends all around me {& with tommy on the phone} and find out if we’ll be seeing a lot of pink or blue!

{how about you reads} do you want to {or have in the past} find out what your little one will be. i went back and forth with this for some time. the thought of not being with tommy when finding out crushed my heart. my best friend katie suggested this gift idea & i then mentioned it to tommy. he sweetly responded, “i want to do what you want to do. we can wait if you would like but i’d like to be able to think about a little boy or girl while i’m here.” his response immediately made it clear to me what was right for us. {photos: jenny liu}

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  1. 14 December 2010 11:23 pm

    I’ve always loved this inspiration piece.


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