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16 November 2010

{do you ever get to that point in something where you just want to see the end} well i’m feeling a bit like that with my interior design program right now. don’t get me wrong. i’m loving every minute of it but i think i just want to see it fly by because soon after i’ll have thomas here with me again annndd thennnn after that our new little baby girl {or boy}. {this is just me getting antsy for his return already & i’m actually enjoying ever minute of my love.bump}. i’m trying not to get too ahead of myself though & concentrating on completing fall quarter. i’m soo excited for the end of this quarter since at the end {actually even a bit sooner. shh don’t tell} i’ll be flying down to my other home-sweet{er}-home: california. i’m loving the idea of this business card stamp by maemae paperie {for after graduation {from the program} in march. seems like a nice way to make it a bit more official too}. having the option of switching up the ink color & paper not only sounds like fun but would also keep me from getting a bit board with the same business card.

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