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christmas in a box

6 January 2011

of course nothing can replace being with loved ones for the holidays but here is a peek at what i sent my {sweeter than a cupcake- as i like to put it} hubby to bring the holidays to him. i kept it simple yet personal by adding little tags on each item. {box contained: ho ho ho stocking, some of his fav candy: reese’s, twix, & scotchmellows from see’s, baby name book that i covered & labeled: “i know we’ll pick the perfect one,” sonogram photos labeled: “our little one,” & a puppy christmas card since he loves pups so much}

i was actually was a bit nervous that tommy would not get his christmas package that also had the envelope with our little secret in it. a phone call on the twenty-third telling me, “it’s like christmas here right now. we just got received a ton of packages,” put me at ease. {the weather hadn’t been too great and mail had not been coming in for some time}. my thoughts when he told me this: “yes!!! that means mine should be somewhere in there.” it was! phew!


lovely events

5 January 2011

there are so many beautiful parties and events just floating around the internet. here are some that i just could not resist sharing {i highly suggest clicking on each photo for a full spread}. it seems like i’m attracted to somewhat or an organic look with a lot of neutrals. i do love pops of color though {perhaps a pop of blue or green!}.

drink up

4 January 2011

sometimes the biggest challenge when you get a large group together is… {any guesses!} keeping track of your drink. so simple but yet so confusing at times. two simple solutions: jot down your name on some pretty japanese tape {hey i already have some! perfect!} and tag your drink with it & printing your name on a sweet little flag and popping it right in! {click on photos to link to source}

meaningful details…

4 January 2011

one of my favorite things about planning an event is that there are so many meaningful details that can be incorporated. i love the idea of guests writing some sweet advice on a post card and having them pop up in the mail every now and then {perhaps jotting down some baby advice!}. every single guest adds a special something to a party and i love the idea of having each and every one leaving their finder print on paper in lieu of a guest book. {click on photos to link to source}

one last note…

30 December 2010

today i not only want to wish you all a happy new years eve + happy two-thousand-and-eleven but i also want to leave you with one last note. i want to encourage you today to take a moment or two and write someone a letter {or note} expressing something that you want to share with them {something you normally wouldn’t say or simply something you don’t put into writing often enough. some things are just easier written than spoken and some are simply just nice to see on paper}. it could be something as short as one word or it could be something a bit longer. your pick. i have written my own & am hoping you do too. xo. claudia +click on photos for links

now & then

28 December 2010

the beach definitely makes the cut for one of my top three favorite things about coming back home to california. one of my first memories with my sweet hubby is sitting on the sand during the summer at seal beach and watching two of our friends having fun in the water {we met in june of 2004 on prom night so we had just known eachother a handful of months} i don’t quite remember why tommy wasn’t in the water but i remember enjoying just sitting on the beach chatting away. the beach {specifically seal beach} holds a special place in my heart because it is part of our story. a few days after we got married tommy and i took pictures on the sand {in s.b. of course!}. yesterday i revisited our newlywed spot. expect this time it was me and our sweet little baby boy {it’s still all sinking in!}. i cannot believe week twenty-two is already here. thank you so much to everyone for sharing in the excitement of our love.bump. we couldn’t be more thrilled to share such a special time for us. xo. tommy + claudia + love.bump

we love you…

25 December 2010

…so much already, sweet little baby BOY!… {more updates & stories to come!}