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christmas in a box

6 January 2011

of course nothing can replace being with loved ones for the holidays but here is a peek at what i sent my {sweeter than a cupcake- as i like to put it} hubby to bring the holidays to him. i kept it simple yet personal by adding little tags on each item. {box contained: ho ho ho stocking, some of his fav candy: reese’s, twix, & scotchmellows from see’s, baby name book that i covered & labeled: “i know we’ll pick the perfect one,” sonogram photos labeled: “our little one,” & a puppy christmas card since he loves pups so much}

i was actually was a bit nervous that tommy would not get his christmas package that also had the envelope with our little secret in it. a phone call on the twenty-third telling me, “it’s like christmas here right now. we just got received a ton of packages,” put me at ease. {the weather hadn’t been too great and mail had not been coming in for some time}. my thoughts when he told me this: “yes!!! that means mine should be somewhere in there.” it was! phew!

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  1. Didi permalink
    6 January 2011 4:26 pm

    You are so perfect for my son! Thank you for making his christmas as special as you could.
    You are a sweet woman Claudia!
    Love you,

    • 6 January 2011 11:05 pm

      Didi I love that you enjoy all that I have to share on here. It makes me happy to see your comments!

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