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14 February 2011

there are so many things i miss about tommy when he is away. i love having him back and taking in every little thing that makes me love him that much more. as much as i don’t like being away from him, i love that this time makes us appreciate our time together that much more. we took the photos about while in the middle of our chocolate covered strawberry making. here are some of the things i am loving now that i have my other half back with me:

i love having him kiss my belly
i love falling asleep next to him
i love it when our little one sometimes kicks him as we fall asleep
i love having him to talk to before i close my eyes for the night
i love looking over at him in the car and just knowing he is right there next to me
i love having him tell me stories that bring me to tears from laughter
i love having him to go on walks with
i love having some of our best conversations on those walks
i love him constantly asking me how our little guy is doing
i love it when he attempts speaking spanish to my belly
i love it that when we’re not together that he tells me to let our little man know that he loves him
i love randomly dancing in the kitchen with him
i love having him to wake up to
i love being able to hold his hand again
i love how safe he makes me feel
i love having him come through the door when i’m home before him
i love bugging him just to the point where it makes me laugh a little
i love taking in every single hug
i love being able to know how much he loves me without him even saying it directly
i love that i could add so much more to this list…

[our weekend at a glance]

this past weekend was very low key and we loved every minute of it. we started off the weekend early on thursday afternoon and went to see a movie {this is a big deal for us since i really am not a fan of movies. yes i know. i’m a tad bit odd}. we had dinner saturday night at our favorite washington sushi restaurant. i ordered my favorite dish {ginger and garlic glazed chicken with tempura and california rolls}. so yummy {and fully cooked! no saw foods for me!}. we then got my favorite chocolate milk at my favorite grocery store {yes, i have a favorite grocery store} and also picked up some chocolate for homemade chocolate covered strawberries {needless to say that i had a tad bit more than tommy}. sunday was some more lounging and watching this movie on the couch {i wanted to see it with him before he was off but we never got around to it. i waited for him to come back to watch it. i knew we’d get around to it some time.} a mist all this lounging around the house there were lots of walks around the neighborhood.

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  1. Didi permalink
    15 February 2011 10:49 am

    Beautiful. I laughed out loud at the thought of Tommy speaking Spanish to your tummy!

  2. 16 February 2011 9:36 am

    love this! so happy he is home! what’d you think of no strings attached? xo

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